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😍😍😍 poiX... 🇵🇹 — traveling to Faro, Portugal from Dublin Airport https://t.co/2s8GT82pHA

@Schofe Starting to wonder if you're stalking me, Mr Schofield. Stood next to you in a queue in Faro Airport last… https://t.co/RPEkT1JeYN

today i flew to Faro, Portugal and while taxiing down to the appron i saw this beautiful Boeing 727-300 (haha 727 m… https://t.co/jiEnUznE0D

Sun-Sea-Sky Diving 👌 — at Faro Airport https://t.co/sXpayYaG4q

Adventure awaits in Faro! Explore it's beautiful Plazas, historic old town and wonderfully preserved medieval quart… https://t.co/9ShTTTrojm

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