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MO - dies findet sich oft in der Flugnummer


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Calm Air #469 arrived at Arviat (YEK) at 04:12PM CST from Rankin Inlet (YRT) after 0:31 en route #flightaware

Calm Air #484 arrived at Arctic Bay (YAB) at 05:06PM EST from Pond Inlet (YIO) after 0:34 en route #flightaware

@KiefDesh @Zenokage @sharkEnabler One night you’re just gonna materialize from the thin air, knife glinting in the…

RT @TravelManitoba: I'll be home for Christmas 🎵 If you’re a student heading home for the holidays, Calm Air can get you there for less! Ch…

@AlbertShelby3rd I’m weeeaak lmao ...hella committed, dude rose out that box to calm lol 😂