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MY - dies findet sich oft in der Flugnummer

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I feel like Southwest Airlines puts up billboards of exotic locations JUST to make me hate living in the Midwest that much more.

@ESPNMilwaukee @ESPNBD @DougRussell A return of Midwest Airlines and free chocolate chip cookies.

@IamMrHaas @JetMidwest @FlyAirZimbabwe @luisevanegas @Scottykagarice @BLGranucci @JonRHowell @whthomehttps://t.co/wt4Bt93Jax

@MsPackyetti My mom is in charge of customer service at a large midwest bank and works very hard at that job! But s… https://t.co/8YrOqfjfYG

@LandLopers Yup. And airlines that tried something different like Midwest Express are no longer here...