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Burbank - 12 KM Los Angeles - 31 KM Long Beach - 54 KM Santa Ana, USA - 83 KM
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VICA welcomes @CD6Nury and @JoeBuscaino's motion to clarify a sudden ban on public events in aircraft hangars. Re… https://t.co/VXpwFuh238

VICA, Van Nuys Airport tenants unhappy with ban on public events in aircraft hangars… https://t.co/1wZVveYOSJ

@BillDixonish I worked as a hostess in a BBQ place in Van Nuys near the airport when I lived in CA briefly. Harriso… https://t.co/8DMo5VATPE

@LakeBalboaCA @WinnetkaCA @AdrianAviles @KPCC Update Dec 2018 after runway shortening “This projection assumes incr… https://t.co/kmo8QZ5iHM

Upon arrival, one might think they’ve been transported to the French Countryside immediately at the end of WWII, ce… https://t.co/RtB2fafPvM

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